Your vision

” Your Style , Your Vision ” tells us the story.

We believe in your own vision of your wedding day and we want to help you bring it to life. We do this through an easy and flexible process .

2 Steps to getting your vision

  1. An initial consultation is the first stage in this journey together, it gives us a chance to discover the special plans that make your day unique.
    AnewLifePhoto gives you a Maximum one hour consultation for free.
  2. Pre wedding shoot is the second stage in this journey together, it is decisive and gives us the opportunity to complete what we started in the first stage , and we encourage all our couples to arrange this as soon as possible, to start the “getting to know you” process.

Our skillful professionalism will capture the beauty and romance of your relationship with a contemporary edge in a natural and relaxed setting that allows you both to be yourselves and have fun.

We will provide your favorite photograph from this shoot in a large Matt which can be on display at your reception venue ready for your guests to sign.

AnewLifePhoto gives you Minimum 3 hours pre wedding shoot for $200 per hour.

Together we’ll create that unique vision of exactly what is right for you .